New MV Releases

There's a whole lot of Kpop comebacks this month and with that came all the new songs and great music videos! So here are some of my favorite so far... =)

Big Bang - Tell Me Goodbye - this MV is just amazing! I know we all miss Big Bang, and giving us this MV just makes me want to see them comeback really soon!!! I love how it's made and the new concept of the boys, I mean they're men now, so manly! ^^

credits: isha012093@youtube
 MBLAQ - Y - G.O. is a pretty boy after all without the facial hair. =P What I like about this song is it's catchy and just sticks with you the whole day. The MV is nice too minus the shooting scene (which I'm glad they're taking out) because watching a young person shoot a girl he loved just scares me (what's happening to the world?). Anyways, aside from that, Joon did well in his acting. =)

credits: AznSamManTV@youtube
 There's also C.N. Blue's "Love" , love the song but the MV is pretty simple for me. But they're a band after all so they're focusing more on that fact. I hope they'll also make a MV for "Love Light", love love love that song! ^_^ And finally Wonder Girls' "2 Different Tears" which is like the trademark Wonder Girls song, catchy and bouncy, lol! XD But the JYP just freaks me out in the MV with that blond hair, he's like a Wonder Girls wannabe. =S
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