[Variety] Birth of a Family - Episode 10

Infinite were shown going to their activities with their dogs.  Dongwoo's and L's moms came to their dorm to clean and cook for the boys.  Dongwoo's mom even brought his dog from home to play with.  He's also very sweet to her mom which is pretty opposite of L, who is more shy and doesn't express his feelings well.

L's mom also wrote him a letter that made him cry while he's reading it.  Sungyeol and Hoya got teary eyed listening to the message as well because her mom addressed the feelings that all members are probably feeling as well.

A Pink got some visitors, Infinite's Coco and Nurung. ^^  The girls are so surprised as how active both dogs are, very unlike their Dal.  The dogs won't listen and are not afraid to attack even the girls which made them worry for Dal.  After just a few minutes, the girls are so tired of following the dogs, it's amazing how Infinite are able to take care of 3 of them. ^^

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