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[Variety] Haha Mong Show w/ Jokwon, Sulli & Yonghwa

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This is a pretty old episode of Haha Mong Show, but I thought I'd share it here because it's a really fun watch. ^^

Jokwon, Yonghwa and Sulli were visited by umma Haha in Inkigayo where they are the MCs.  Sulli had other work to go to so they took only Jokwon and Yonghwa "home".  Kara's Jiyoung who is a good friend of Sulli is also there.  Their group members from 2AM, CN Blue, and f(x) requested Haha and Mong to make the 3 hosts become closer because they're too awkward.

Jiyoung suggested things they can do to become closer like creating a nickname for each other and taking selcas together.  Next they asked them to do couple yoga.  Then to become closer to Sulli, they are preparing an event for her.  Jokwon and Yonghwa drove to pick up Sulli to go to a theme park. =)

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