[Variety] Happy Together S3 - Episode 248

Guests:  SNSD's Taeyeon, Jessica and Tiffany, Jung Juri, Park Jisun, Bora.

The men of Happy Together are overly excited because the guests are SNSD! =)  Taeyeon and Tiffany are promoting their unit group TTS, while Jessica is invited for her connection with Myungsoo.  Taeyeon and Tiffany showed a short dance performance of their song "Twinkle".  And the 3 gag women also performed a parody of SNSD's "The Boys" and called themselves "Gag Generation", lol! XD 

Yoona also visited for a little while, she came from filming her drama "Love Rain".  They played the telepathy game with Gyeonghwan and Yoona, then turned to Bora and Beomgyun, awww he really likes her.~  They also showed kissing scenes of Yoona and Jessica.

Happy Together - Episode 248 w/ English subtitles
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