[Variety] Infinity Challenge - Wrestling Special Part 1

While brainstorming for a good project they can tackle, the staffs gave them 6 CDs containing suggestions as to what they can challenge. Among them are: Ski Jump, Body Building, Synchronized Swimming, Pro Wrestling, Himalayas Climbing, Darak Rally. All of them are really difficult so they leave it to chance by picking a random Cd and do whatever it contains. They pick twice and in both times wrestling came out.

So it's time for them to visit a wrestling gym to learn the skills of Pro Wrestling. These boys sure know how to play on their own, LOL! XD They officially called their project "WM7" (Wrestling Muhan Dujeon 7). They called Kim Soo Ro to help them since he played a wrestler in a movie before. They also called Kim Min Jun and he agreed to go there and help them. =)
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