[Variety] Invincible Youth S2 - Episode 20

Hosts: Boom and Kim Shin Young
G6: Suzy, Bora, Jiyoung, Hyoyeon, Yewon, Sunny

I'll still be posting the episodes I skipped, but I'm just posting this first because Shinhwa are guests and they're simply the best! ^^  I can watch the opening with Shinhwa coming in over and over and I'll still enjoy every bit, it's like I have a permanent smile pasted on my face, lol! XD

The girls are asked to eat an apple each upon their arrival.  The apples will be representative of themselves in the couple selection.  I love the girls' reactions when they saw Shinhwa coming, they're all so happy and excited just like fangirls. ^^

Each Shinhwa member will pick an apple and the girl who owns that apple with give him a back hug and they'll become a couple.  Andy's so cute having a crush on Suzy, and Suzy likes Andy too! ^^  The price they're playing for is bibimbap, for each game, an ingredient is on the line.  Andy and Jiyoung with Eric and Suzy are like on a double date, lol! XD  Their partners got interchanged, Jiyoung chose Eric and Suzy chose Andy in their behind the scene interview.

First game is "Piggyback Quiz", but Hyesung's foot is not completely healed yet, they invited Han Minkwan to be his avatar. =P  Second game is wrestling, and the prize are eggs from Invincible Youth farm.  Eric's aegyo cheer for Suzy is a winner, LOL! XD  Final game is choosing the correct pot to get the ingredients.

I really enjoyed this episode! =)  I love the boys, I love how the girls love the boys as well, and they're all so much fun! ^^
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