[Variety] Invincible Youth S2 - Episode 5

Hosts: Lee Soo Geun, Boom, Ji Hyun Woo
G8: Suzy, Amber, Bora, Jiyoung, Hyoyeon, Woori, Yewon, Sunny

Sunny with Suzy visited Yoochiri, their farm in IY season 1.  They went to see Road Lee and headman Wang Gu and even Chief Noh was there.  They're inviting them to join their housewarming party.

They check out their new house and it's really nice! =)  They each brought personal items to barter in the village for things they need around the house.  The members left in the house are assigned to cook for the guests while the others leave to barter their stuffs and invite the villagers to "Idol House" housewarming party. ^^

Invincible Youth S2 - Episode 5 w/ English subtitles
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credits: boosaysharingiscaring.com

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