[Variety] Shinee's Hello Baby - Ep 12

It's the last episode of Shinee's Hello Baby. T_T To commemorate their last day together, they made a time capsule for Yoogeun. Something that will make Yoogeun remember that once when he was young, he had 5 appas that played with him. ^^

Jonghyun's picture book is really nice. All the memories with Yoogeun were saved in pictures that they can treasure. Then they prepared a surprise party for Jonghyun's birthday! =)

Then it's time to go. I can't help but cry with them because even if Yoogeun is such a little boy, you can see that he's sad too. T_T I think Hello Baby did help Shinee learn to be more responsible by taking care of a little boy. They're still young but slowly they will learn to become men. =)

Shinee's Hello Baby - Episode 12 (040610) w/ English subtitles
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