[Variety] SNSD Dangerous Boys - Ep 6

We see the boys take lessons from professionals to help them improve themselves.  After lessons, it's play time with SNSD. ^^  They're playing a quiz game similar to Jeopardy and the winner will get a bicycle.  I'm liking Jisoo and Huihoon, they're always smiling and seems more relaxed now. =)

Next, it's SNSD's turn to play do the quiz game but their questions will be about the boys.  The girls are playing for sweet & sour pork.  The look on the girls' faces upon seeing food is so funny, lol!  SME, are you letting these girls eat at all? =P

I'm really happy to see the boys working hard for their dance.  And I love their diary 10 years from now, it shows so much hope and I wish they will keep that light of hope in their hearts as they go along their lives.~

SNSD Dangerous Boys - Episode 6 w/ English subtitles
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