[Variety] WGM - Wonjun & Sohyun - Ep12

Watching this couple made me realize how important it is to get married at the right age. They're both matured and prepared. They understand each other better, talk about things they don't agree on calmly, they know how to compromise. These are what a marriage needs to work out. =)

We can clearly see the difference of a young couple and a matured couple in WGM. Young couples usually are more demanding of each other. They are happy in the honeymoon stage but when the passing bliss is gone, they start to get tired of each other. Unlike these two who have their friendship as foundation and have been happy with their own single lives. They don't ask for anything from their partners anymore, but instead have so much to give. They are now ready to let go of themselves and share a life with their someone they love. *awww*

And looking at Wonjun, he's definitely a man that's very much ready to get married. He had accomplished a lot of things, gained confidence in himself, and knows how to take care of his wife. I love their couple pajamas! ^^ Even if this is just a variety show, I hope the young people out there will learn from it too. ~
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