[Variety] Win Win w/ Shinhwa (Part 1)

I'm so happy to see Shinhwa back!!!  Yes, I'm an "old" fangirl and seeing my "old" boys makes me so excited and I'm smiling all through out while watching the program, LOL! XD  I'm still wishing that their Asia Tour would include my country. *fingers crossed*

They're introduced as the living legends, and I can't agree more.  They sure are the living legends, the only group in Kpop that still have the same 6 members from debut until now (Andy did miss out on 1 album but he's back now^^).  I love that they're like veterans of variety shows because they've been in so many in the past so they're so relaxed and familiar with everybody, they're the original variety idols after all. =)

They start with a dance showdown like the X-Man days, Andy's heart dance, Eric's samba, Hyesung's crab dance, so nice to reminisce! ^^  Andy's voice is so deep now, maknae has become manlier after the army. =)  Eric does things alone a lot, dine alone, watch a movie, even went to the sauna alone. =P

They talked about their nude photobook.  I wonder if there will ever be another idol group to dare do a nude photobook. ^^  They also talked about different accidents that they experienced.  Junjin even went on Dream Team a week after a head surgery.  Hyesung's naughty hands, he had this mannerism of touching somebody's chest to fall asleep, lol! XD

They were also asked about plastic surgery where in 3 members admitted to having something fixed.  And about dating, they were known to publicly date even with celebrities.  I agree with Junjin, if there's plan for marriage, it's okay to make it public but if not, it's better to keep it secret.  H.O.T. members Tony Ahn and Mun Heejoon also came to give support for the boys. =)

Win Win w/ Shinhwa (Part 1) w/ English subtitles
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