8 Facts about aespa Comeback Single ‘Next Level’ MV to iTunes Charts

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On May 17, the rookie girl group of SM Entertainment, aespa, has released their comeback single Next Level and its MV. Let’s check out some facts about aespa from Comeback Single’ Next Level’ MV to iTunes Charts.

Facts about aespa from Comeback Single’ Next Level’ MV to iTunes Charts

 1. aespa comeback in 2021 with a powerful remake track from 2019

Next Level is the third digital single that marking the first-ever comeback of aespa in 2021. The track is a remake song from a hip-hop track by A$ton Wyld from an OST of “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw” in 2019. aespa’s “Next Level” (2021) is a hip-hop song with a groovy and energetic track with a dynamic arrangement.

2. aespa’ Next Level’ MV with unique transformation concept

aespa’ Next Level” MV concept is very futuristic and more potent than “Black Mamba.” The music video follows aespa’s Karina, Giselle, Ningning, and Winter adventure in Kwangya to hunt Black Mamba. The “Next Level” shows the members’ transformation with their ae/avatar as a group with eight members.

3. ae’s vocab

As we follow aespa’s members and their ae/avatar to Kwangya, here is a guide to the new terms in aespa’s world.

4. Next Level is the fastest SM music video to hit 25.1 million views on YouTube in 23 hours.

aespa’s Next Level MV hits over 25.1 million views in less than 24 hours and trends in 49 countries.

5. aespa “Next Level” debuted at #1 on Spotify South Korea Top 200.

aespa’s Next Level MV is straight to #1 on Spotify South Korea Chart Top 200 on the first day of release. They also became the first 4th generation KPop girl group who reached #1 on Spotify’s South Korea daily chart with their comeback single ‘Next Level’ and joined ROSÈ with On the Ground and IU with LILAC.

6. aespa “Next Level” debuted at #2 on the Worldwide iTunes Charts.

aespa’ Next Level’ debuted at #2 on worldwide iTunes charts. As of May 18, the rank down to #12. Besides aespa, BLACKPINK and TWICE also had reached this spot in history. Now, aespa dominates the worldwide iTunes in more than 25 regions.

aespa next level mv charts
Source: kworb.net iTunes

7. aespa’s Next Level entered Melon 24 Hits in just 5 hours.

aespa’s Black Mamba took ten days to enter Melon 24 Hits, while Next Level entered the chart only in 5 hours. As of writing this article, aespa just hit a new peak on the MelOn 24Hits chart (#17). Moreover, it’s still on #1 on Bugs, #2 on Genie, and #8 on FLO.

8. aespa’ Next Level’ live performance

Save the date and watch aespa live performance on YouTube and VLIVE on May 20, 2021, at 6 PM KST!

Let’s enjoy aespa’s “Next Level” MV again!

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