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Kwak Dong Yeon: “‘Vincenzo’ Will Remain in My Heart”

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After previously joining Song Joong Ki and Ok Taecyeon as one of The Most Buzzworthy Actors, Kwak Dong Yeon mentioned in a recent interview how filming ‘Vincenzo’ would remain a good memory in the future. He thanked the viewers, as well as the cast of ‘Vincenzo’ and crew, for the wonderful experience in the eight months of filming the drama.

“I once again felt the happiness of being able to work on a warm set and in a good workplace. I’ll work hard in the future to create a nice atmosphere on set so that I can feel the happiness of working. It will remain in my heart as a project through which I could freely play around and act happily for the first time in a while.”

Kwak Dong Yeon.

The actor also hoped that ‘Vincenzo’ would be the drama that can entertain the viewers in this difficult time because of COVID-19 outbreak.

Kwak Dong Yeon Acting Breakthrough as the Cast of Vincenzo

As one of the casts of ‘Vincenzo’, Kwak Dong Yeon portrayed the character of Jang Han Seo, the ‘puppet’ leader of the Babel Group who operated under the control of his vicious brother, Jang Joon Woo (played by Ok Taecyeon).

Kwak Dong Yeon mentioned that his character, Han Seo, made him improved a lot, not only as an actor but also as a person, due to the complexity of Han Seo’s personalities. He received a lot of compliments and praises, which made him grateful.

“Han Seo is someone who shows a lot of different sides of him in the drama. I think that the keyword to his character is ‘survival.’ He’s alive, but so under his brother’s thumb that he has no independent consciousness. He was like a zombie. He saw Vincenzo and started to hope that he could live a life under his own control.”

Kwak Dong Yeon.

For him, this improvement was because he was able to work with amazing seniors, and thanks to the guidance from director Kim Hee Won.

“I am grateful to director Kim Hee Won to the point that I can say that my acting career is divided between before and after I met her. She gave me advice about what parts of the character I should focus on, the attitude I should have as an actor, how I should approach the script, everything from A to Z.”

Kwak Dong Yeon.

Kwak Dong Yeon on casts of ‘Vincenzo’: Song Joong Ki and Ok Taecyeon

Regarding his experiences in acting with his co-stars, Song Joong Ki (Vincenzo Cassano) and Ok Taecyeon (Jang Joon Woo), Kwak Dong Yeon stated that Song Joong Ki was the actual embodiment of Vincenzo Cassano himself: considerate and professional, whereas Ok Taecyeon’s charm brought everyone to have fun on set.

“The staff and actors on set have probably felt their hearts flutter at least once because of Song Joong Ki. With his gentle and subtle consideration and his professionalism of concealing how tired he is, he’s an amazing person from anyone’s perspective.”

Kwak Dong Yeon on Song Joong Ki.

“Taecyeon worked hard to always create a bright atmosphere on set. His refreshing energy is charming. I think his charm is the way he uses that side of him to make everyone have fun on set.”

Kwak Dong Yeon on Ok Taecyeon
Kwak Dong Yeon Vincenzo

Kwak Dong Yeon’s Sense of Depression as Jang Han Seo

While filming Jang Han Seo’s scenes in Vincenzo, Kwak Dong Yeon experienced the most physical violence in his acting career due to Jang Joon Woo’s abusive behaviors, and that made him feel depressed.

“I got hit a lot. I got hit the most here out of all the projects I’ve ever done. Joon Woo is always slapping me, hitting me on the head, hitting me with a hockey stick, kicking me, even strangling me. I actually felt my self-esteem draining away while filming those scenes. Constantly suffering that kind of treatment is humiliating, and after several scenes like that, I felt a real sense of depression. The scenes were created to show how much Han Seo was suffering from humiliation and despair.”

Kwak Dong Yeon.

Nevertheless, the actor would take ‘Vincenzo’ forever in his heart as one of his most memorable moments in his career.

“It’s a project I’m certain will remain as a good memory in the future even when I look back upon it,” said Kwak Dong Yeon.

Let’s recount how amazing Kwak Dong Yeon’s acting as Jang Han Seo in ‘Vincenzo’.

Kwak Dong Yeon Movie and Drama List

Kwak Dong Yeon is a South Korean actor who has received praises and recognition on his acting as Jang Han Seo in the Vincenzo Korean drama.

However, not many people know that he has been known to act in various personas and characters in his previous movies and dramas.

Here a list of some previous Kwak Dong Yeon’s movies and dramas:

Kwak Dong Yeon Movies:

  • Baseball Girl (2020)
  • Heung-boo: The Revolutionist (2018)
  • Man of Will (2017)
  • Misbehavior (2017)

Kwak Dong Yeon Dramas:

  • Vincenzo (2021)
  • It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020)
  • Never Twice (2019)
  • My Strange Hero (2018)
  • My ID is Gangnam Beauty (2018)
  • Radio Romance (2018)
  • Love in the Moonlight (2016)

More to read about Kdrama:

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