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2021 BTS Festa Examination, How High is Your Score?

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On June 10, BTS members have to do the 2021 BTS Festa Examination. Suga and Jungkook said the exam was fun. However, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, and V though it was harder than expected and it could make ARMY cried. Meanwhile, for Jungkook, the exam was challenging yet fun. What do you think?

Note: Thank goodness HYBE provides the English version of 2021 BTS Festa examination question sheets! ARMY can do it directly without waiting for the translation.

How’s Your 2021 BTS Festa Examination?

2021 BTS Festa Examination Question Sheets

Here are the questions for BTS exam in English. You can start doing your exam now. Please be honest, do not scroll down to peek the answers.

BTS Festa Exam Question page 1
BTS Festa Exam Question page 1
BTS Festa Exam Question page 2
BTS Festa Exam Question page 3
BTS Festa Exam Question page 3

2021 BTS Festa Examination Answers

Now, you can check your answers and score yourself.

2021 BTS Festa Answers
2021 BTS Festa Answers

BTS Members Exam Scores

RM: 75

Jin: 65

Suga: 57.5

J-Hope: 82.5

Jimin: 62.8

V: 57.5

Jungkook: 82.5

How’s your BTS exam scores, ARMY?

BTS members answers for the two essay questions (English translation)

19. How was your BTS exam experience?

RM: think i’ll be in seventh place ㅋ

Suga: it was fun!

Jin: i don’t know me

J-Hope: much harder than i expected…

Jimin: so frustrating.. especially number 16

V: harder than i expected. think armys will cry sorrysorry

Jungkook: hectic but it was fun reminiscing

20. Please write a message for all ARMY who are working on this exam right now.

RM: your hearts for us as fans still deserve 100 points 💕

Suga: what will your scores be?

Jin: it’s harder than expected

J-Hope army will get 100 points~ 💕 our army i love you~💜

Jimin: let’s meet soon pretties~

V: me not being good at this won’t change your heart for me right? 💜  I’mnot someone who’s good at this kind of things anyway 💜

Jungkook: army.. would know everything right..? since you know us better than we do; can’t really compete with army when it comes to loving [bts].. Bang PD Nim said he’d buy meat for those who get 100 points!!!

ARMYs reactions over the BTS exam 

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