BLINKS, BLACKPINK The Movie is Coming in Your Area in August 2021!

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Blinks, brace yourself! BLACKPINK 5th Anniversary ‘4+1 Project’ The Movie will be coming to your area in August 2021! On June 16, YG Entertainment announced that “BLACKPINK The Movie” is set to release as the first part of “4+1 PROJECT” for BLACKPINK’s fifth-anniversary celebrations. Now check out BLACKPINK The Movie teaser poster and video announcement below.

BLACKPINK 5th Anniversary ‘4+1 Project’ The Movie (Release Date, Teaser Poster, and Video)

Ahead of BLACKPINK 5th anniversary on August 8, 2021, YG Entertainment revealed BLACKPINK’s’ 4+1 Project’ consists of five big projects. One of the projects is a particular movie titled ‘BLACKPINK The Movie,’ which is set to release this summer.

What is ‘BLACKPINK The Movie’ about?

K-pop girl group BLACKPINK debuted on August 8, 2021. It means that by this year, they will have their 5th anniversary as a kpop quartet girl group. According to YG Entertainment, the film will follow the four members of BLACKPINK reminisce their journey over the past five years. The film will also feature various photos of the members and special interviews.

When is ‘BLACKPINK the Movie’ coming out?

On Wednesday (26/6), YG Entertainment announced that “BLACKPINK THE MOVIE” will be released in local theaters in August 2021. The movie will also be available in about 100 other countries in the upcoming months. Meanwhile, the exact release date of “BLACKPINK the Movie” for each country will be announced subsequently.

Where to watch ‘BLACKPINK the Movie’?

Blackpink’s special film will be released in CJ CGV theaters in South Korea. According to YG, CGV is the largest multiplex cinema chain in the country. To enhance the audience’s experience, it will utilize special effects-studded cinema technologies starting from “Screen X” to “4DX.”

‘BLACKPINK The Movie’ 2021 teaser poster and video announcement.

The new movie poster of BLACKPINK shines a spotlight on “The Show,” which was Blackpink’s live stream concert in January 2021. It also features a statue with wings that reminds us of BLACKPINK’s hit single “How You Like That.”

Meanwhile, The Blackpink 5th Anniversary ‘4+1 Project’ The Movie announcement video shows the snippets of their hit songs from debut to the latest one. They also showed how BLINKs had become a part of them that complete BLACKPINK’s journey from their debut to their fifth year.

The superstar KPop girl group, BLACKPINK (Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo, and Lisa), debuted on August 8, 2016., with the album “Square One.” Since then, the quartet girl group has produced many hits. Their hit song “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” (2018) has become the #2 most-viewed Korean music video in 24 hours in YouTube history after PSY with his hit single “Gangnam Style.”

So Blinks, while waiting for the updates, let’s watch the BLACKPINK Rosé interview film below. Do you think this video will be BLACKPINK 5th Anniversary ‘4+1 Project’ The Movie?

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