HYBE has Officially Applied The Trademark of BTS V “Borahae” for ARMY

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On June 8, HYBE corporation officially applied the trademark rights of BTS V “Borahae (보라해)” or “I Purple You” for BTS fans ARMY.

HYBE has Officially Applied The Trademark Rights of BTS V “Borahae” for ARMY

what borahae means
What ‘Borahae’ means. Source: bangtanlexicon

BTS “Borahae” Copyright

As reported by Bloter News, HYBE Corporation has filed trademark rights of the signature phrase “Borahae (보라해)” on June 4, 2021. HYBE took action as a response to the recent trademark registration controversy.

In September 2020, ‘Lalalees,’ a nail polish product company, had applied for a trademark for ‘Borahae.’ Requests to cancel the trademark application flooded its company website’s visitor book.

There were about 4,000 petitions to revoke trademark applications. Moreover, some fans immediately filed trademark application suspension complaints with the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

Finally, on May 31, Lalalees announced that they had revoked their trademark registration for ‘Borahae.’

The company conveyed, “We sincerely apologize for causing concern among BTS fans by filing a copyright claim for the term ‘Borahae.’ As a Korean, we will continue supporting BTS and the globalization of K-pop.”

Even though the company dropping the copyright claim, fans continued to voice their worries about the phrase’s protection. They also asked HYBE to protect their artist’s and trademark rights.

Although the word has been used as a marketing design on various BTS products, HYBE Corporation has never filed a trademark for the phrase. However, it seems that HYBE took action to protect the signature phrase after a series of issues about the trademark application.

HYBE informed Bloter News on the same day, “We are aware of attempts to exploit or gain the rights to HYBE artists’ expressions. The corporation is doing its best to prevent other companies from monopolizing and owning HYBE artist-related words.”

Why “Borahae – I Purple You” mean a lot to BTS ARMY?

BTS V coined the abbreviation term “Borahae (보라해)”‘ on the 3rd BTS Muster on Gocheok Sky Dome in 2016. It’s a combination of 보라 ( bora) which means purple and 사랑해 (saranghae), which means I love you. So, Borahae is another way to express “I love you” among BTS and fans.

When BTS V introduced “Borahae” to the ARMY, he said:

“Purple is the rainbow’s last color; it means that I will continue to trust and love you for a long time. Like the meaning of purple, I wish I can see you for a long time. So, let’s trust and love each other until the end. Just like the color purple, which is the last color of the rainbow.”

Since then, the term ‘Borahae’ has been famous among ARMYs worldwide and as a symbolic expression referring to BTS. Furthermore, it has now been utilized in official BTS marketing; thus, it is no longer only a symbolic term.

Watch BTS members’ explanation of how ARMY means to them on YouTube below.

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